Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Humanure: the bible

Eliminating the concept of waste is something us Emily Carr students remember from Duane's first lecture. This is the idea that in order to find balance in our lifestyles, producing waste must become something of the past. How can this be achieved? Well- part of it is re-thinking our definition of waste, and finding new ways to turn "waste" into resources. Which is what I've been reading about in the Humanure book. (Yes, it's about poop. And now you can read it online!)

"...we still find no waste in nature. One organism's excrement is another's food - it's that simple. Everything is recycled through natural systems so waste doesn't exist. Humans create waste because we insist on ignoring the natural systems that we are dependent upon."

I've been reading through it (I think I mentioned.) I'll keep providing updates- everyone should read it.

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