Monday, February 9, 2009


So we've been discussing how to format our work for the Ecological Perspectives in design, and we've decided that we're each going to create a question to answer individually, as a way to focus our research. We'll be putting up individual pages on the wiki to document the research of each of our questions.

Those of you who are involved in the project but aren't in our group for EPOD are still welcome to answer a question as part of your participation. I think that will be immensely beneficial in the future, when it comes time to summarize research for presentation.


  1. As we spoke about, My goal inside the realm of Ecological Perpectives in design is:

    1. to create a platform/interface of sorts that communicates coherently what the project 'is' as a whole.

    - this may take any form, or multiple forms: a website domain, a pdf, or small viewbook (when I say 'viewbook', im thinking of the physical real life emily carr viewbook as a pre-existing model; something that summerizes and communicates, as well as shows off-- utilizing good compositional design)

    - I feel this is a necessary component of this project because it will force the team of people working closely together to come to a unified understand of the goals and concepts.
    - In terms of explaining and communicating what the project is about to a person off the street or someone who is interested in collaborating or funding the project, an interface or booklet will be an effective tool.
    - This platform will hopefully also act as a showcase of our hypothetical model of concepts as well as visuals of our design, 3d rendering, etc etc.

    To rachel, i know we talked about this already, I just wanted to justify in my own mind of my goals. :)

  2. I pasted this into your person page on the wiki:) I know your goals will continue evolving and there will be updates- so I'll keep bugging you to get started on the wiki. I know as soon as you do, you'll get so stoked on it.

    Here's your page. It has no formatting as of yet.