Monday, February 23, 2009

Water Pump. Applications Endless

Basically, the allure is the ability to pump a constant supply of water without the use of energy. Would necessitate a resevoir, but from the sound of things, this serves as an irrigation system for whoever made it, for gardening/farming. Basic idea is using hydraulics to pump water. Also has applications as a possible small power source, in addition to just being amazing.

Collect rainwater at height, cycle down to power hydraulic pump, run through turbine, collect energy, use water in garden/greywater applications, or filter and consume/bathe.

That piston driving the water pump could have a magnet attached, and a coil placed around magnet to gather electricity, if turbining the output is not wanted. This would be a purely parasitic act, would not provide much but could power several LED lighting systems very easily for extended periods of time.


  1. Hot-
    potential applications?
    -water system in home (kitchen, bathroom)
    -rooftop garden: will it need water?

  2. We should look into how well rooftop gardens work in Vancouver.
    Actually, does anyone know what the usual watering schedule (if any) is for Vancouver?

    I'd put a rooftop garden on par with a ground level garden. At least to start with.