Saturday, March 21, 2009

Open source everywhere

An example of the open source design process in healthcare.

Reducing the cost of IV units from $2000 to $2. Through collaboration between engineers and medical types.


  1. Very sexy.
    Looking at other online collaborative organizations. These two came up:
    taking a peek...?

  2. "Open source projects succeed when a broad group of contributors recognize the same need and agree on how to meet it. Linux gave programmers a way to build a better, leaner operating system; Woochi gives wine lovers an encyclopedia as refined as they are.

    Projects can be broken down into smaller tasks and distributed among armies of volunteers for execution. Tim O�Reilly, whose namesake company runs the Open Source Convention, calls this the �architecture of participation,� and it is the irresistible genius of open source, a tool that no corporate model can match for the sheer brainpower it yokes. But architecture demands structure: a review process that screens for the best contributions and avoids the �fork� � that horrible prospect that a project will split into a multitude of side projects.

    Open source etiquette mandates that the code be available for anyone to tweak and that improvements to the code be shared with all. Substitute creation for code and the same goes outside of software. Think of it as the triumph of participation by the many over ownership by the few. � T.G."

    So excited that this is being vocalized.

  3. Open source hardware bank
    (hackers funding their arduino-building habits)

    They seem to be set up like us: a blog, a wiki, and a crazy idea.

    The article:

    The blog:

    Very intelligent comments on how to work within the existing financial/legal system while reforming it.

  4. The OSHB explained as chemical reactions:

    Now I want to take organic chemistry. So I can understand this metaphor better, and so I can use the metaphor in the future.

  5. I like them- let's drop a line and build a relationship. Having some crazy idea techhies would be really nice.