Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jay Shafer and Living Density

I'm getting all pumped up for Jay Shafer's visit to Vancouver, on May 9 and the workshop he'll be holding at Emily Carr University. Designing Tiny Homes is something that's pretty hard to find proper instruction in, in a University context (unless of course you were lucky enough to be in that 3rd year class with Christian!)

Also that weekend is the Living Density forum at Grace Gallery, as part of the Exhibition our project will be participating in. Our group is very excited about all the pros who will be giving talks that day.


  1. Quick update-
    I spoke to Jay on the phone today about the workshop.

    Very exciting.

  2. Can you bring Jay to the LivingDensity Show opening that night, Ms. Simpson?

  3. I can try, I'm not sure what his plans are. But I'll definitely try.