Sunday, April 26, 2009

Patrick's summary of us

"When we think of ‘home’ we naturally gravitate towards the architectural interior and furniture. Yet, we know it is not just the interior, furniture or even the building that produce a sense of home. Home, as Emily Carr University’s TinyHome Group suggests, is ‘a series of systems rather than an object.’ By treating home in this fashion the TinyHome Group was able much better visualise the complex forces that constitutes the built environment and even that of home. ‘Home’ for them is a realm created by the positive interaction of natural and artificial forces, particularly an interaction that fosters a sustainable mode of living. This notion of home-as-a-system is partly investigated by the TinyHome Group through an installation/performance where they will interact with the audience and together explore how community and home may be produced through design. The TinyHome Group also aims to expand this dialogue onto the Internet, notably a blog. In fact, the blog, insofar as it is a site for interaction, is not unlike a contemporary variant of an agora."

--Pulled from the draft of his essay he's planning on presenting. I like how he puts things, especially as a description of the projects' goals. (It's neat that one of the best descriptions of the project was written by someone for a completely different purpose...)

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  1. This is a really awesome summary of what we're working on. Sweet.

    Thanks Patrick (and thanks Scott!)