Friday, April 24, 2009

Small, prefab homes out of Surrey!

We're seeing it happen more and more in Vancouver- Smallworks, Inhabit, and now this!

This is a globe and mail article reporting on an architect named Tony Robbins, who started showing his tiny prefab homes in BC recently. From the article:

"We've had over a 130 inquiries already," says the architect, who recently revealed his design for a 500-square-foot unit in a palette of steel, glass and wood to an enthusiastic audience at a B.C. home show in Vancouver.

It's a very minimalist and open design, which I think is the key to making tiny seem huge. It's also really exciting to see this movement coming to Canada. With all the  space, we have a lot of potential for urban sprawl- so I like the timing of it. 

Right now, I'm getting all amped up for Jay Shafer's workshop- it's a 2day design-your-own kinda setup. Hooray! In fact, that really needs it's own post at this point. 


  1. I pulled the same article from the Globe to show you...

  2. Hehe. You and my dad both. I feel the love.