Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Standing workspaces

Why sit when you can stand?
(Ergonomically speaking.)

Or better yet, alternate between the two on a regular basis!
(every half hour or hour)

DIY simple standing desk
(it's not freestanding, it sits on your desk.)

Notes from the comments:
+It's important to have good cushioning for your feet, be it a carpet or good shoes.
+You might hurt your back by having to bend down on a regular basis to write things on your desk.

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  1. This was a whole presentation in Ergo. I'll email you the slides if you like- or just give you access to the notes. Definitely worth discussing.

    Our prof was very big on sit/stand stools, which are worth looking up. Also, she confirmed my preference to sit on pillows (squatting is also a viable alternative) rather than using a chair.