Thursday, May 14, 2009

Project updates!

How time flies!

We're at the halfway point in the Living Density Exhibition and forum, and its only getting better!

What else have we been up to?
-we entered the formshift competition
-Rachel attended the Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop with Jay Shafer, and learned an enormous amount about the details of building and designing a tiny home
-Scott attended the Living Density Forum, and learned all about.. well- I'd like to hear it from him:)
-we held a potluck: sparsely attended, but Jay and Mik from the workshop came by. Lots of lively conversation was to be had.
-we're developing an entry for the prefab 2020 competition
-we're continually refining our design, based on input from different people and different experiences

We're at the gallery Monday Wednesday and Friday from 11 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm. There will also be an end-party, which is sure to be a blast. That's on the 22nd. We'll see you there!

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