Tuesday, May 26, 2009



"I was listening to the local radio this afternoon, and a scientist named Tim Sands was talking about thermoelectricity at a recent nanotechnology conference here in New Zealand. Tim was suggesting that the motor car industry might like to review the old technology and see what can be achieved with modern materials and perspectives.Link
"He explained thermoelectrics as electric charges made from simple changes in temperature. Although it is a very inefficient for of power, it could be used where there is ambient temperature changes or waste heat being generated. It is used most of all in space craft where the lessor the moving parts the better for the long deep space voyages.

"I am thinking it could be used in households where there is waste heat and temperature variations. First ideas are that it could be used to circulate air with light weight fans - such as the fan needed in a waterless toilet.

"Here is a video linking to more information and other videos on Youtube:

--From 100summerville a blog about a permaculture house in New Zealand

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