Thursday, August 13, 2009

Entries from Formshift

I know this is a long time due, but we entered the FormShift competition a while back, and I don't believe we ever ended up posting our entry. At the time, this was because we were concerned that people from the competition might see our entry, learn who we were, and therefore end up disqualifying us. Not a concern anymore- so here they are!

We didn't end up winning any prizes, but we were definitely proud of what we produced. We're not architecture students- we're second year ID students. We were very happy to have the experience of competing against other students and professionals alike.

We're gearing up right now to enter the Architecture for Humanity and IDSWest competition Prefab 20*20. I can't say much about our entry, but I am excited for the competition itself. It should be a blast!

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