Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waste Processing

Part of designing an ecosystem is considering both the input and the output- so one of the things we're going to need to think about is processing of waste. I was super excited to find the bible of human waste processing online: The Humanure Handbook.

I've started to read it (for my research, I intend to get through this, and any other waste composting resources I can get my hands on.) It was written by a man who has spent the last 24 years safely and hygienically composting his family's waste in their backyard, and using to grow food. Sounds pretty terrifying, right? That's what I thought.

I've been reading and asking more about composting toilets and waste composting in general. It will be hard to get western users to face the barrier, but I think it may be worth it to try. I'll post updates as I read more. I'll leave you with this comment from one of the book's readers.

"When I first heard about this system I was cynical, 'it must be smelly, it must have lots of flies all over it.' It isn't, it doesn't. It, for me, is the Rolls Royce of toilets. It is simple, it is humble, it is effective."

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