Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I took a peek at some drawings on the Tiny House Forum (definitely worth trolling for examples and info,) which were made with a program called floorplanner. Here's one I made playing around with the program, which is super easy to use.

It's also free to sign up. With the free account, you can work on/ edit one project. It's worth playing around with, and is helping me get some context of what fits in a tiny space.

Everyone should try it out:) It has a sexy 3d render function, so you can see what the house would look like. Very cool.

Update: Google sketchup is also a good option for drawing and rendering in 3d, as far as free software is concerned. This is a pretty sweet image drawn in it, from the Tiny House Forum.


  1. floorplanner looks totally hot, and I want to become one with using it.

  2. floorplanner seems best to me, because it's online and therefor more cross-platform.
    (google sketchup doesn't easily work on linux)

  3. true, but it allows us to put 2nd floors, and create animations. more power! lori, check out google sketchup. here are some videos: http://sketchup.google.com/training/videos/new_to_gsu.html