Friday, March 6, 2009


So we had a meeting with Patrick Chan a couple days ago, to make some decisions about the show and do a bit more research. Here's what we'll be putting together by the 20th:

1. 300-450 word statement, describing our project
2. 6-8 images
3. An interactive model of some kind, which allows visitors to play with the layout and design of the house
4. A process/ conclusion booklet
5. We'll need a computer terminal or two for visitors to check out the blog and the wiki. Does anyone have any thoughts on where we could obtain a computer with an internet card? Free geek maybe? Craigslist maybe? (later: a quick skim of craigslist shows lots of monitors but no.. brain parts.)
-just a thought: some "business" cards, with the sites on them would be good things to have at the gallery

6. We'll also be engaging in a hackfest performance at the gallery on one of the weekends.

That's all kids! Let's make it happen.

If anyone has ideas for the interactive model, now would be a good time for brainstorming. Materials? Wood? Stuffed fabric? A combination of the two? We would like to avoid cardboard and foamcore, because they are flimsy and Lori isn't a huge fan. We want to create something professional looking, but touchable. Thinking outside the box is good here. Maybe we could use premade toys? Lego, painted white? Some kind of floorplan layout? Magnets? Field trip to urban source anyone?



  1. Currently in the process of editing the statement:
    MyhomeYourhome describes is a collaborative net-based effort to design and build a tiny home, through the participation of students, professionals and the general public collaboration of anyone and everyone from students to professionals. We have created several outlets, for this engagement via including: a wiki, blog, facebook group and email mailing list.
    Key tenets which have been identified as unique and vital to the development of our home are:
    -designing a space for the human body rather than the possessions we accumulate
    -designing the home as a functioning ecosystem, cyclic in its input and output
    -the consideration of our habits as malleable based on our environment influence our environment has on our habits (people are more likely to do what is convenient.)

  2. hmm, somehow the googledoc got messed up and the strikethrough markings dissappeared. Rachel's comment here is very messy, please see the more recent post at

  3. Scott- apologies, I tidied up the google doc, as I was finding it a little hard to work within. I considered strikethroughs and red items and integrated changes into the next draft.

    Not catastrophic I hope?
    In the future, I can copy and paste, to edit a new version but leave old edits.

  4. Not catastrophic at all!
    Just pointing out that the previous comment was a bit sketchy (ie: "...the participation of students, professionals and the general public collaboration of anyone and everyone from students to professionals.")

    and that your proper post is better.