Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ID Articles

Check out this short article by Barbara Flanagan in the March/April 09 issue of I.D. magazine

To Have and to Hold: Our many storage solutions add up to one big problem
Her suggestions for designing a living space around the human being and not stuff encourage us to outsource everything we can and eat fresher. Her book: Flanagan's Smart Home: 98 Essentials for Starting Out, Starting Over, or Scaling Back

Also from the same issue is an article by Alissa Walker discussing urban farming on a large scale, integrating public agriculture into landscape design.
Bloom Towns: Urban farms are taking over America's asphalt jungles.
Agin Ramblas and Farmlab is mentioned, worth checking out.


  1. hmm. can't find it. Links anyone? Do you need to be signed on at ECI to see it?

  2. It's in this month's ID mag. You can preview it here:

    Joanna has pulled out the key points- the idea of designing a space around the human being rather than our possessions, as well as changing habits like those around eating to consider space use better. (And how those choices can benefit our health.)

    Definitely some of the key ideas that we're working with in our design as well. I think a session chatting about how we can evaluate our standard house design based on how it accommodates objects, and finding ways to make it more body friendly would be a good call. Thoughts?