Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The new design...



  1. I find it somewhat industrial. I seem to remember warmer colors. Wood colors? Orange?

    I get icky feelings that I'm putting down to the fact that there are large, grey boarders. Perhaps it's making it harder to read. (Perhaps I'm just tired)

    I don't like to have headers that aren't obviously associated with their content.
    Each header is only associated by being above it's content. It helps to have some visual encapsulation of the header and its content. A box around each item. (I'm specifically looking at the gadgets on the right hand side.)

    Is this a theme that can be carried over to other project spaces? (internet or physical?) Do we want it to be?

    I'm being overly critical only because I'm so happy to see changes :)

  2. Hi Scott, thanks for the input
    I feel the same about the background, rachel joanna and me toyed with some other colors and were not overly sold on anything else

    I changed the background to a lighter (cleaner) grey, only because we feel (at least for now) that the grey will be the easiest solution for now

    Please take a look at the interface webpage I put together (because the layout on the blog is really just trying to mirror the new interface design)
    (the interface will be up later on today and will be seen at myhomeyourhome.tk so check it out and give me feedback later on today

    The main thing that rachel joanna and me talked about today as that the interface as well as the new layout of the blog are working models and can be changed and improved at any point

    we feel that at this point we NEED to have some sort of interface page up so we can show our prof for ECO class, so in some ways we are ignoring some finer aspects of the design in desperation to get something up

    but I will continue improving the template of the blog when possible :)

    thanks again scott

  3. *nods*
    there was definitely extensive conversation about how to make it look- the grays and blues are generally a bit of a cop-out, and the obvious choice would be to go with the trendy chocolate brown, green, orange scheme. I feel like Lorea did a very good job of finding a balance between the two, keeping it looking very profesh:)
    Definitely still open for conversation, nothing is final. We'd like to focus for these next couple of weeks on getting our deliverables for the gallery show together, and for the class of course.

    Question: Computer for the gallery show? Anyone? We're going to need one, and I don't know anyone who is willing to go without. I was thinking we could ask freegeek.
    Scott- freegeek fellow will be at our school for Rip: a remix manifesto screening friday. Might be your cup of tea.

  4. Just saw the interface page. Neet!
    I'd definitely go for a mixing of brown-green-orange. That would be delicious.

  5. rachel- i might have a free comp at home for the gallery show, let me just figure it out

    scott- glad you like, i'm definately open to experimenting with color. Also, the idea of a fixed position background is do-able, i just have to put together a css stylesheet for it :)

  6. Ooh, exciting. Computer sourcing:
    -potentially one at lorea's place
    -freegeek: it will probably be around $50 if we want to buy one, or we can chat with them about borrowing one for the duration of the show. I don't have space for an extra computer at our place, so if anyone wants to keep one, we should chat. Is anyone interested in emailing freegeek?
    -zack has a PC we can borrow as backup
    -craigslist might be a source. Plus, then we could paint it white...