Saturday, March 21, 2009

Updated Project Statement

A few updates based on your comments. Thoughts?

MyHomeYourHome is a collaborative initiative guided by a group of Emily Carr University and UBC students, working to design and build a tiny home through open, internet based collaboration with the public, including students, professors and professionals. We have built several hubs for online involvement in the project: a wiki, blog, mailing list and facebook group.

The central goal is to create a living body of research which will fuel the design and construction of a small human-centered home. The designers will view this home as an ecosystem/ habitat for the resident, one which will provide for their needs (physical, mental and emotional) in a variety of innovative ways. The resident(s) will be an individual or couple interested in a balanced lifestyle, with a focus on health and community. Key tenets which have been identified as unique and vital to the development of our home are:
-designing a space for the human body rather than the possessions we accumulate
-designing the home as a functioning ecosystem, cyclic in its input and output
-designing a home which positively influences the user's habits (or: people are more likely to do what is convenient.)

In essence, the home will be about helping the resident achieve balance- both with the environment, and in regards to their needs.

other things to talk about
-considering how the home will function within a community (group of homes, in a regular city setting)
Target audience

Where is the project at and where does it intend to go?

Is there funding/ grants we're looking at (eg Vancity) and contests we're entering (formshift)


  1. Neat, adding bits on the goodoc. I've added headers for our use while writing it so that it is somewhat modular (ie. we can collect different sections based on what any given summary needs to say), but I'd plan to not use the headers when actually submitting it anywhere.

    I'll also update the wiki with a copy of the fleshed out bits.

  2. As it stands this only vaguely alludes to the fact that we are addressing environmental concerns.
    We have spent tons of time and thought on how this house will interact with the environment and we've even explored specifically how we can bring in sustainable design into every aspect of the house.
    For Duane and the eco class we really need to clearly communicate how sustainability is one of the key pillars of this project, and how we're addressing sustainable design. Without that, our project won't fit into the assignment criteria at all.

  3. mmm, good point Joanna.
    Perhaps a section on the project statement googledoc on this topic would help for now? (we're trying to make a modular project statement which can quickly be adapted to many people. and having an eco-friendly section is really important.)

    project staement at:

    I just invited you to edit it, check your email.

  4. Very happy with comments.
    Like the modular setup, which will be good for competition entries we need to make and any press we may need to work with.

    Definitely a good idea to mention environmental considerations. I don't think it should be the key point, but we have spent a ton of time with that and the statement should properly reflect. More editing will happen:)