Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gallery Show

A couple things that we could use for the Gallery Show collaborative editing. Discussion on mailing list and here. Thoughts?

Mindmap created on bubbl.us My user name is ScottGeoffrey, make an account and add me as a friend if you want to collaborate on it.


  1. Cool.

    I'm glad you're thinking about the gallery show. Right now, we need to start lining up technology. Would you be interested in talking to free geek, or shall I give them a call? We might want a couple monitors for sure- of course, we would need to check with Pat and Linus. I can mention at upcoming meetings.

    What might also be workable would be to bring extra tools, monitors etc to the gallery for our "performance" day.

    Things we already have:
    -wireless router
    -1 desktop, 2 laptops for day of
    -printer- not currently in working order.. just needs some ink I think
    -digital cameras (2)

    we could probably also use a webcam or a single use camera to go with the model display.

  2. I'd definitely get a single use camera. It can be obvious and supportive of interaction due to it's being cheap and obviously hard to damage.

    Bringing extra stuff for performance day would be preferable, I wouldn't want to leave things out or ask others to deal with them.

    Have you checked with people about internet availability?

    If we already have a desktop for the performance, do we still want one from free-geek?

  3. Agreed- single use cameras are useful.
    check. and check. internet is available.

    perhaps? do you have time/ desire to engage with freegeek- basically, do you want to have an excuse to engage with them? Timingwise... late april early may

  4. I just went to a discussion led by someone in freegeek. She was much more open to the idea of the grant donations than the last guy.

    Do we still want to do this? We have to transport it ourselves. And store if after? Or just re-donate it.

    The hardware grant page is http://freegeekvancouver.org/en/hardware_grant_form
    It's an online form that is filled out and submitted immediately. If we want to get a computer from them we need to do so quickly. I'll make a googledoc page.