Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How might the home develop and grow?

I'm watching a video titled How Buildings Learn, a critique of modern large-scale architecture, and the lack of foresight on the part of many popular architects. Frank Lloyd Wright's flat roofs leak, and the Dancing Building requires mountaineers to be properly cleaned.

One of the main points, which I think we should consider when designing a tiny home, is that architects fail to think about how the building will grow and change with the user. The residents will likely make changes and additions to alter the building to meet their needs.

What may be prudent would be to do a round of beta-testing, to see how the users behave. We should also consider designing the home so that it can be easily modified.

Also: thinking about building maintainance would be good:)


  1. To some extent I see our entire project as a beta test-bed. Certainly us doing some testing is good, but I wouldn't let it get to much in the way of us actually producing something.

  2. True true.
    I guess the question then becomes: who will let us build our test home on their land? We should look at factor e farm and universities- those kinds of organizations. They may be interested in helping us develop the body of research around tiny home design, and would probably benefit from having the physical manifestation of this on their land.