Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Notes from a conference lecture

Look into:
-The Story of Stuff
-Passive House, in Germany
-Systems Thinking Playbook, a (children's(?)) book

Good term: "Voluntary Simplicity"

Discussion to highlight outdated models and metaphors for how the world works. By bringing them up we can address them.
In collaboration, Thinkers, Practitioners, and Artists are required. (A diagram quote from the slide-show, worth putting into grant applications because we have all three)

Definition of sustainable: To produce useful, while absorbing waste.

-improve collaboration by addressing language and communication (my goal)
-Need to reduce eco footprint of Vancouverites by 80% to reach the sustainable footprint of an equal world.

**This is a bit of a trial in minimal form. Comments on the content as well as the lack of form are welcome.**

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  1. "Definition of sustainable: To produce useful, while absorbing waste."

    Re-definition: Everything produces something useful which we currently view as waste. Rethink waste as a resource.