Monday, April 20, 2009

Tiny House Village Network

This looks pretty interesting. Unfortunately, to join, you have to pay a "donation" of $10. I think that it's reasonable to charge a fee for the hosting of a network, but I'm also unsure as to what I will receive in return. Is it simply access to communication with other people in the network? How do I know if I will get more than what I can access on facebook?
Should I set up a network for Canadian tiny-homers?


  1. It's not that much and I'd be interested in seeing what they're up to.

    Once we have a couple research articles going it would be neat to get these sorts of people to look at them and give comments from their real life experience.
    ... hmm, we need some way to let people comment on articles without having to deal with wikis... Will think of something

  2. *nods*
    an interface seems to be in order
    maybe a website is the way to go
    people seem to run into difficulty with the wiki